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Growth Nation was founded in 2001 by Doug Bruhnke with the idea that companies could benefit by having growth services delivered to them in a new and better way.

Doug continues to lead the company and now there is a strong and capable group of growth partners and growth consultants that support your growth. Growth Nation is global, and we help you grow locally, regionally and globally.

Growth Nation was initially called Stamos International, and our first clients grew out of the Salt Lake 2002 Olympics Committee led by Mitt Romney. Founder and current CEO Doug Bruhnke explains the start:

“My wife is Greek-American and she is a cousin of actor John Stamos. With my initial connection to the Salt Lake 2002 Olympics and with the Greek Olympics coming up, having a Greek connection to our initial name (“Stamos International”) probably helped us secure them as a customer. However in order to grow more broadly, I thought we should have an identity that better reflected our focus on growth. During a radio interview in 2007 with John Adam Kowalski, that focus on growth became more crystal clear, and so our team agreed upon the name change to Growth Nation. My wife wasn’t thrilled at first that we were moving away from the family name, but a month later she admitted it was a ‘pretty good’ name.”

Our work with multi-billion dollar Fortune 50 companies, fast-growing start-ups and international cross-border wonders helps you because we understand what it takes for global companies to grow in the US, for US companies to grow outside the US and for any company to grow locally and regionally anywhere. Contact us for more information on how we can help you grow.

Over the years our special focus on helping companies grow cross border has evolved to our supporting the development and growth of Global Chamber. Growth Nation is a founding a sponsor, and we share a headquarters location at Skysong.


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