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Civil Dialogue and Growth


This week Cynthia Wenstrom of the group Scottsdale Leadership visited a group of us with a pretty cool idea. I thought it was definitely cool enough to share and even to sign-up for - and so here's her information - about promoting civil dialogue in the community. Scottsdale Leadership is approaching organizations in Scottsdale, Arizona and … [Read more...]

Dream Big: Solar Impulse


Bertrand Piccard dreams big in life and business. He was the first to complete a non-stop balloon flight around the world. He comes from a line of dreamers: his father Jacques Piccard was an undersea explorer and his grandfather Auguste Piccard was a balloonist. He was the first person (with Brian Jones) to circle the world in a … [Read more...]

Grow Responsibly and Sustainably


Is it possible to grow your business and at the same time be sustainable? It might seem to be conflicting because the more you grow, the more resources you usem and therefore one could argue that you become less supportive of sustaining life on our planet. Honestly there was a time I believed that - a product of "Limits to Growth" and other … [Read more...]

Building a Sustainable Global Brand


Last week I presented at an event on how to use marketing to best leverage a management commitment to sustainability. The event - Making Green by Going Green - brought together a variety of business experts around the principle of business growth while being sustainable. Thanks to The Green Chamber and SCORE for putting on the event - and for … [Read more...]

Green Stocks Rock Scottsdale Apr 15-17

green globe

A 3-day green business and consumer event called "Green Stocks Rock" is coming to the Waterfront in Scottsdale, Arizona on Friday through Sunday April 15-17. An Expo and concert is planned, all powered by alternative energy.  Join Growth Nation at the GreenStocksRock Expo on Friday April 15th to discuss taking your business green and … [Read more...]

Cleantech Venture Roundtable: Apply by April 4

funding your business

Apply now for Cleantech Venture Roundtable in San Diego, California – the deadline is April 4th. Is your company in energy efficiency, smartpower, renewables, transportation or water management and looking for capital? Then Cleantech Venture Roundtable may be for you. Cleantech Venture Roundtable brings venture capitalists and angel investors to … [Read more...]

Green, Global and Game Changing Growth

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We're proud to announce a revised tagline for Growth Nation that more closely reflects the value we're creating for our clients: "Green, Global, Game Changing".  We're transforming clients into more nimble, growing organizations that fully respect human and natural resources. We do that with holistic marketing, sales, business development and … [Read more...]

Global Growth and Sustainability


Growth Nation helps companies create growth that respects human and natural resources. We support the growth of clients in nearly every segment including the more traditional green industries like cleantech, solar, wind energy, algae and biomass.  We help companies in any industry grow globally and responsibly. We love companies that want to … [Read more...]

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