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Three Tips for Successful New Product Intro


David Taub passed away in November, the co-founder of Palm Bay International. The firm was responsible for bringing Pinot Grigio wine to the United States and making it the top-selling Italian wine. There were a couple key actions that made that product launch into the U.S. market successful. Pinot Gris wine has been available in Italy for … [Read more...]

All Business and No Politics


This week on this international marketing, sales and business growth blog we're writing about the U.S. elections and what we can learn from them for our businesses. Our perspective is that political campaigns in the U.S. or any country are a collection of marketing campaigns for parties and particular candidates, and so why not look at them that … [Read more...]

Having a Good Attitude Matters Too


We believe in having all our consultants show a good attitude with our customers. It matters, a lot. We even have a process around it to continually improve. Attitude matters at Growth Nation. An example of our due diligence on this is a recent case involving a business consultant who approached us about a particular project for one of our … [Read more...]

Global Growth Awards 2012


Thanks to Inc. 500 for again recognizing the top growth companies in the U.S. This year's annual event is in Phoenix October 3-5. Don't miss it - especially if you're one of the companies! Because of the way the data is calculated, for some it is a once or twice in a lifetime opportunity. In recognition of our support over the years of companies … [Read more...]

Setting Up Foreign Offices – For Your Law Firm


This article by Doug Bruhnke was published in the July 6th Phoenix Business Journal. Nineteen out of 20 people in the world live outside the U.S. and 999 out of 1,000 people live outside Arizona. Business people are increasingly seeing this an an opportunity to grow globally, and count law firms among those going global and establishing … [Read more...]

How Much Information Is Too Much?


As a CEO of an amazing company, you want to tell your story. So how much information is too much? How do you tell the story in different circumstances? Do you tell all of it, or withhold some? And what's essential, what's not, for whom? How much of your personal story, and your company's story do you include? These are key questions because … [Read more...]

Add Ability, Agility and Balance to Grow

Lee Benson

"That's the best business management system I've ever seen" - Jack Welch. Those are strong words from a business legend. That's how Jack Welch described what he saw from Lee Benson when they met for over 8 hours to discuss the systems that he's put into place at Able Engineering, 2011 International Company of the Year in Arizona. Those of us … [Read more...]

Global Missteps: Doing Piecemeal Marketing


An important issue we often run into working with companies as they look to grow is an attempt by some CEO's to piecemeal growth solutions together. It's just so hard to make that work - a website from vendor A, a brochure done inside, social media by vender B, publicity by vendor C, etc. It's hard enough to execute growth from a good strategy, but … [Read more...]

Selecting and Executing Marketing Priorities


It's easy to make a list of all the marketing initiatives that you could be doing. It's a LONG list - from the web, to social media, publicity, advertising, referral programs, events, new market entry, new products and services, et al. That's not hard - but selecting which of them to do, designing precisely what to do with each initiative and then … [Read more...]

Building a Sustainable Global Brand


Last week I presented at an event on how to use marketing to best leverage a management commitment to sustainability. The event - Making Green by Going Green - brought together a variety of business experts around the principle of business growth while being sustainable. Thanks to The Green Chamber and SCORE for putting on the event - and for … [Read more...]

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