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CEO CFO COO in Social Media


If you're a C-level executive who has a footprint in social media and you're wondering what to do next, this post is for you. Social media is here to stay, and so JUMP IN, unless you're painfully introverted, independently wealthy, and/or living on a private island with no access to the world. One size does not fit all, but here are some … [Read more...]

Universal Gaps to Growth

Mind the gap

Yesterday we met with a delegation of business owners from several countries including Jordan, Lithuania, Papua New Guinea, Republic of Korea and Tunisia. Once again we can confirm that wherever business owners are in the world, there are universal opportunities and gaps. We have talked in the past about some of the gaps in this blog … [Read more...]

Grow Globally with Tone, Tenor and Talent

Fisheye Scorn - You're in Deep Trouble

We often talk about the mindset of growing your business globally, including steps you can take to create the right framework for successful execution, such as this recent post about globalization click here. In this framework 'talent' means that you and your team are smart, flexible, innovative, customer-centric, all to a higher power, because … [Read more...]

A Little Crazy Attracts Attention


A little crazy attracts attention. A lot of crazy can be overwhelming. This week in Arizona we were 'treated' to a lot of crazy by two people. First Jody Arias was found guilty of first degree murder and then 'Crazy Amy' of Amy's Baking Company confounded Chef Ramsey on Kitchen Nightmares, his first 'give up' after 80 tries; too crazy for Chef … [Read more...]

Ten Traits of Great International Marketers


Those of us who love international marketing know that there's a BIG difference between 'marketing' and 'international marketing'. Each requires an understanding of marketing tools and how to use them effectively. Because of the complexity introduced by cultural differences, international marketers require a more skills and effort to be effective … [Read more...]

Color Matters


This post is by Cricket Bo. Brands and color are inextricably linked because color offers an instantaneous method for conveying meaning and messaging without words. Many of the most recognizable brands in the world rely on color as a key factor in their instant recognition. Color increases brand recognition by up to 80 percent. Research has … [Read more...]

Being Polite Can Be the Enemy of Change


As someone who has lived in Asia for 6 years and traveled to the region for decades, it's clear that the cultures there are different from the West. It's one of the main reasons I enjoy Asia so much - it's a continual challenge to keep up. I love it! While living there I noticed that I had become more Asian, including not interrupting people … [Read more...]

Growth Audits Identify Constraints & Opportunities


Growth Audits by Growth Nation provide an opportunity to quickly get to the heart of constraints and opportunities - and allow you to adjust programs and people to capture more growth and accelerate success. There are several types of audits that our consultants can perform before working out a specific next step. They all allow you to get a … [Read more...]

Keep Growth in the Spotlight


It's often difficult to keep the spotlight on growth. In one stretch, things are cooking and new customers are coming in left and right. Then you build out operations to handle the growth and either the sales team doesn't grow with it, or sales gets pulled into other things that divert attention - like fulfillment, new products or explaining to the … [Read more...]

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