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Five Growth Tips for 2014

global_paradigmBy reconfiguring your view of the world, opportunities become more apparent.

All around us there are changes going on that are driving opportunities for your current and potential businesses. Spin away, rejigger reality, and stay open minded.

And so our advice as we approach another new year is to keep your eyes, ears and mind open. Open to what’s happening, open to trends, open to change, and open not to what’s here now, but to what will be here tomorrow. Not easy, but every possible – especially if you’re surrounded by free-thinkers.

For instance one of the bigger current trends is that Americans are tired of fighting. They’re (generally) ready for a period of collaboration, and word that Republicans and Democrats in the House may actually come up with a budget deal, is a possible sign that even they get it. After shutting down the government – for what? – the rightest of the Republicans are still angry, but the wiser among them are seeing and seizing the opportunity to think about possible areas of cooperation. It won’t ever disappear, and it may be hard to see right now, but it’s there. Most importantly, people are ready for it.

What opportunities does less anger present for you and your business? What about other trends that are going on – like mobility, making things faster and smaller, buying safe and certified products…? There are many megatrends that could impact your future growth and present new opportunities.

Here are 5 tips to seeing  and acting on the opportunities.

1. Stay calm and think. The first step is to take a deep breath, stay calm and really THINK about what is happening. Look at the things you haven’t been looking at. That’s tough! And it’s a great reason to hire a consultant who comes in fresh to provide fresh perspectives. What other possibilities exist that you haven’t tried before? What is the market offering now that it didn’t offer a year or two ago? How does the combination of resources that you have now open you and your team to more GREAT stuff?

2. Evaluate opportunities. The second step is to evaluate the new opportunities to determine which are the best based on changing market conditions and your capabilities and resources? What could the plan be – and the return on investment (ROI)? At least rough out an ROI for the best opportunities, even if the data is pretty rough. Rank prioritize the opportunities and keep the analysis for future years to keep your eyes open to the thought process.

3. Create a detailed plan. The third step is to work out a more detailed plan on one or two best choices. List out the value you bring, and what you expect to get for it. Also formulate the initiatives you’ll need to capture it, and rank prioritize those – you can’t do it all. As you dig in to the details, are your assumptions holding? Does it still make sense to move forward? Are you find opportunities within opportunities? Is this still the biggest and best opportunity for you?

4. Launch. The fourth step is to launch – pick a date and go for it! The launch should be part of your execution plan – make sure your target audience knows what’s happening and can jump on board. Make it an adventure. Bring them in! Compelling opportunities bring others along for the success. What overriding story of theirs are you tapping in to so that they feel good about being involved? This is way more than a business transaction – this is personal.

5. Execute. The fifth step is to fully execute. Sounds easy, right? Work your plan and check in with your team at least monthly to keep success going. Execute, measure, adjust and repeat. Are you making the progress you expected to make? Are you at the right pace? What adjustments should you make now that you’re learning first hand about the opportunity?

Diamonds are all around your feet! Keep your eyes open, and then open your mind to the possibilities. Make sure these elements are all part of your next phase of growth, and there will be diamonds for everyone! Contact Growth Nation to learn more about how we can help in each of these areas.

Happy New Growth Year! It starts with rejiggering your reality, and ends with more diamonds in your pocket.

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About Doug Bruhnke

Growth Nation is a global full-service marketing and business growth firm that creates more leads, stronger brands and higher revenue for clients in technology, manufacturing, healthcare and professional services. Our growth process has created over $1 billion of new revenue.

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