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We help you tell your story and reach your full potential as a business and as a leader. You’ll find the “One Voice” that resonates with customers and throughout your organization to hit the sweet spot for your best target customers.

Our Target First™ branding and positioning process first creates a clear understanding of key target markets, company offerings, real differentiation and ideal messaging. We also pull out YOUR story – the ‘why’ you do it versus ‘what’ you do – and articulate it in a way that is valuable for your target audience. That’s a critically important foundation for all your growth initiatives.

The typical reaction we get before the process starts is either ‘we need that’, or ‘we’ve done that’. If a fresh positioning needs to be done, we walk your team through the process within 30 days. If the perception is that the positioning is mostly done, then we’ll make refinements in a quick refreshing process. Either way we help create and sharpen the brand positioning because it is the basis for effective growth.

Growth Nation™ is also uniquely qualified to build both the company and personal brand images for key personnel. That’s something most people don’t think about, but your personal brand is different from the company – and they need to be aligned. We help tune that up so that everyone feels better about their role at the firm.


  1. Target markets – defined and prioritized.
  2. Offering – products, services and higher-level value/needs addressed.
  3. Differentiation – articulated real differences.
  4. Message – a clear and concise message that summarizes the company’s value to the target, and tells your company story in a way that resonates with your target market and prospect.
  5. Growth strategy and plan – marketing/sales strategy and initiatives listed and prioritized.
  6. Growth execution – your team ‘gets it’, becoming fully aligned and involved.
  7. Personal branding – the CEO and key personnel are branded in a consistent and complimentary way to the branding of your firm.
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