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Grow Green

We help you create sustainable growth that respects human and natural resources. We support business growth in nearly every industrial and consumer segment including green industries like cleantech, solar, wind energy, algae and biomass.  We love companies that want to create a high impact in the market and a low impact on our environment!

We’ll show you how to build a triple bottom line company and how to implement these sustainability concepts into an established organization. We can support more ethical business practices and show you and your team how 3BL organizations more fully enrich our communities.

We are a supporter of Go Green Conferences and encourage you to participate in your regional event.

Growth Nation team members have backgrounds that support the growth of green initiatives including experience in chemicals, materials, life sciences, engineering and green technologies. Our founder and CEO Doug Bruhnke is a marketer who started his professional life as a chemical engineer, and so we strive to understand technologies and their impact on users so that we can create optimal marketing initiatives. We’re also involved with ongoing sustainable community activities.

Through a certified partner we offer sustainability reporting training that helps shape the future of companies as they look to be more environmentally responsible through the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).  Please contact us for more information about implementing green initiatives across your company.

Sometimes growing green means that in order to capture publicity and online buzz, some or all of your current product lines can be switched to a more sustainable approach. The opportunities for you to be “more green” will come out in the first steps of our branding and marketing planning process, and we work with you to help sort, prioritize and implement those.

Growing green is one opportunity for growth. Our focus is always on helping you grow while making the world a better place. When you tap into green and sustainable initiatives, good things happen for you, your region and our world. Our professional, practical and effective approach brings success in your green initiatives while you grow, because we don’t think combing green and growth is an oxymoron.

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