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Strategy and Planning

Growth Nation Sales and Marketing IntegrationGrowth Nation™ consultants ask forward-thinking questions that quickly lead to business insights and a prioritized list of marketing and sales initiatives to stimulate growth. We prioritize and build the growth initiative list into a plan through research and discussions, using the growth positioning formed in step one of our growth process.

We use our collective experience and skills as a springboard to greater success for you rather than a millstone around our neck. After all, the approach that worked 5 years ago in your business or any business was a different circumstance. Even what worked for your business last year may not work work as well today – and so we’re always looking for a fresh, best approach – using the latest marketing, sales and business development techniques available.

Our Target First™ growth process quickly identifies the full potential of your business.  That leads to a marketing and growth plan that’s a best fit because it includes your input combined with our expertise, optimally applied to your key targets and consistent with your specific resources and goals.

Having the right growth strategy and plan that uses today’s most effective growth techniques is a critical step. Once we have that in place, we can move on to marketing, sales and business execution – click here for more information.

If you’re not sure where to start – try one of our growth audits. These are focused, front-end analyses that get right to the root of issues and opportunities – and give you a clearer view on the path ahead. Here are some of the growth audits that we often provide – contact us for more information:

  • Marketing Audit – what are the barriers and opportunities in marketing that can help you grow?
  • Collateral Audit – what are the gaps to fill with your collateral that will increase leads and lead conversion?
  • Execution Audit – what are the constraints within your execution that are holding things back?
  • Global Audit – what are the global growth opportunities for your business?
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