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New Market Launch

Whether you’re looking to offer your product or service into a new industry or a new regional market, Growth Nation can help by creating a plan for the new market or segment launch that reduces risk and optimizes positive market response.

We’re experts in new market entry so that you benefit from decades of experience. We can help if you are:

  1. A US-based firm looking to enter new geographies or market segments.
  2. A non-US firm looking to enter the US market.

New market entry can be a significant risk. When it’s done well it adds a new, profitable component to the business. If it’s not handled properly it can be highly risky to businesses and careers. Unwise new market entry has been known to take companies down. So let’s work together to keep you on the right track!

Sometimes even a slight adjustment in target segment can require a significant adjustment in marketing and sales approach to optimize results. We help you understand what those adjustments need to be while keeping your overall company brand positioning well understood.

Some of the most difficult market entries are across borders. The team at Growth Nation has extensive experience in taking products and services from one country to another, and then globally. If you are a business owner looking to expand into the US, we can help you find your target market, plan your marketing and sales and get great results.

Our global headquarters are at ASU SkySong in Scottsdale, Arizona. SkySong is becoming well recognized as a global center of innovation, technology and business development. Growth Nation is becoming a gateway for US companies entering new local or global markets, and for companies outside the US to grow here in the US. Contact us for more information.

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