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Marketing and Your Customer Service

ServiceHow you deliver customer service influences your marketing. With poor service, there are cover-ups that poor service companies use to minimize the damage. With great service, it makes life easier for the marketer to have champions in social media and everywhere.

Let’s start with a poor service example: Dollar Rent A Car. If a recent experience in Salt Lake City is any indication, they could be the worst rental car company in America. My bad experience is documented in Yelp. After feeling that I was scammed, insulted and ignored, I wrote a tweet that told of my dissatisfaction. They replied in twitter the same day: ‘Sorry to hear, DM with the details’. Oh, another nice scam! I sent them info and then waited, waited, waited, waited… and in the meantime they deleted their tweet. Poor service firms cover their tracks, deleting references to unhappy customers. That’s marketing in the poor service lane.

By the way – as a consumer check out Yelp even for rental cars and other services. If I would have read the Yelp reviews for the Salt Lake City Dollar Rent A Car, I would have thought more carefully about renting. Since most of the reviews are ones and twos, with a few 5’s… one wonders if the 5’s are phonies? That’s another thing poor service firms do.

Then there’s great service – and I’ll cite Tasty N Sons in Portland, OR. We’ve been there at least a dozen times and our daughter is often the Mayor in FourSquare. The food and service is consistently outstanding. Then one time my sandwich took a little longer to come out, and I turned around looking for the waitress. A couple minutes later the sandwich came out, with a sincere apology. With no mention, she also took the sandwich off the bill. Um… customer for life!

The good experiences don’t always bubble up to social media, but today I tweeted about that good experience. It’s regular that effusive happiness bubbles up from Tasty N Sons customers, and they retweet/share. Even though we only see a fraction of the happy folks, seeing some of the helps the consumer – and helps Tasty N Sons in their marketing.

Creating raving fans is very good thing – thank you Tasty N Sons!

Creating deeply disappointed and even angry ex-customers is a very bad thing – goodbye Dollar Rent A Car!

For B2B firms it’s a little tougher to get this sort of online feedback and so the best companies reach out to ask their customers what they think, and keep working on improving services. Here’s a list from us… testimonials.

Do you have an example of poor or great service that made it into the firm’s marketing?

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