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Marketing Magic Happens

rabbithatSome days marketing magic happens. Those of us involved on this side of the hat are encouraged when customers are successful, and today was a good one.

I couldn’t let the day end without saying “YES!”.

The day started early (those of you who know me know just how early that can be!) because I couldn’t sleep thinking about a customer meeting coming up later in the day. We were talking about brand positioning and I felt we weren’t quite ‘there’. So I got up, had some green tea, did some research and thinking, and lo and behold, it arrived. When the group of us got together later in the morning, I introduced the idea, and it was roundly applauded, opening the door to all sorts of good stuff. Mission accomplished!

Strong brand positioning is the foundation for marketing magic. It’s essential to know who the marketing is for (the target), and what the key message is for them. It makes things so so much easier!!

I’ll spare you  details on the rest of the magic due to confidentiality, but suffice to say that two more of our clients who are further along in the marketing execution had amazing days.

One is a regional service provider who gained a large new customer for a new product that we had defined just recently, and the outreach has JUST started. Shazam!

Another is larger company – international in scale – that got thumbs up from a  HUGE prospect who will sign and transform their business. Yeah, baby!

Marketing magic happens – and when it does, we celebrate! We find that magic starts after getting the basics right. Create strong brand positioning CHECK. Use creativity to develop a smoking strategy and plan CHECK. Execute CHECK!

We call it the CHECK Republic – and when marketing is done right, all the checks are a thing of beauty when the results start coming in.


About Doug Bruhnke

Growth Nation is a global full-service marketing and business growth firm that creates more leads, stronger brands and higher revenue for clients in technology, manufacturing, healthcare and professional services. Our growth process has created over $1 billion of new revenue.


  1. Tanisha Clemons says:

    The real magic (and by magic we mean increased measurable leads and sales) happens when you have multiple online marketing strategies working in harmony – SEO, PPC, Social Media, Email, and Content – each supporting the other.

  2. Thank you. Yes the holistic and interdependent synergy of more than one growth tool can be very powerful!

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