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Global Chamber Events


We encourage you to attend a Global Chamber event in your metro or virtually. These events are available nearly daily. Check out events for global business executives HERE. Obtaining more connections in your metro and in metros around the world to grow customers, partners and key resources is vital to successful global expansion. Crossing a … [Read more...]

Global Chamber Helps You Grow Globally


Seek growth in 2017! 99% of new business opportunities are outside your metro area. If you're in the U.S., 85% of new business opportunities in the next 5 years are outside the US. Think and grow globally! We recommend that you join Global Chamber®. It's the only organization in the world with the mission to help executives grow their business … [Read more...]

Eric Dahl, Global Growth and Success

Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 2.39.09 PM

Eric Dahl is a Growth Consultant with Growth Nation, offering companies the opportunity to expand their success regionally and globally. He has expertise in financial services, exporting, governance, government, theme park development, business management and international business. Eric was Chief Executive Officer of World Trade Centers … [Read more...]

Tips on Globalizing to Grow


One of the easiest ways to increase the global capabilities of your organization is to bring on foreign-based interns. It's a lot easier than you may think! As a sponsor of Global Chamber, we're a strong supporter of there programs to help companies globalize and grow. One of their programs that helps companies in 120 countries to grow globally … [Read more...]

How to Create New Marketing Materials


This morning Seth Godin is talking about questions to ask when designing marketing materials. As usual he's spot on... read more here. The normal tendency is to spill it all out on the paper or whatever media you're using. Tell the whole story in a few square inches or less. Resist! The goal is gather interest and move things along. That's … [Read more...]

The Interview Is a Classic Publicity Stunt


Thank you Kim Jung-un for making such a fuss about the movie "The Interview". We would probably never have even heard of it, noticed it or seen it... but you decided to make a fuss about it. Dude, so uncool! So now the movie review: way better than expected! Yes sophomoric, but lovable characters, some plots twists, a good mix of action and a … [Read more...]

Thank You, Mark Johnson


Way beyond the food, football and family, Thanksgiving Day is about giving thanks for our blessings, including the people who have touched us over our lifetime. I have 4 parents - my wife's and my own - and my 4 grandparents that I miss today, along with so many others over the years who have come and gone. Great memories. On this day of … [Read more...]

It Takes a Village to Grow Locally, Globally


The biggest challenges I've found by companies looking to grow is that they 1) fail to create a solid, prioritized plan and even more 2) struggle with execution. Marketing often gets the short straw - because you have to pay taxes, sell and do the day to day things to keep the company company. Marketing seems optional. It's not. In fact it's … [Read more...]

Warming Up the Introduction


This morning on my morning walk I saw a woman and a puppy coming toward me. The puppy spotted me and stopped. She tried to pull his leash, but to no avail. They were 100 feet from me, but he stood, wary, poised, and stopped. She ended up picking him up and carrying him around me. He didn't bark - he just looked at me calmly. It made me think of … [Read more...]

Marketing and Your Customer Service


How you deliver customer service influences your marketing. With poor service, there are cover-ups that poor service companies use to minimize the damage. With great service, it makes life easier for the marketer to have champions in social media and everywhere. Let's start with a poor service example: Dollar Rent A Car. If a recent experience … [Read more...]

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