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Resources to Grow Globally


How can you connect to more global business? Stephen Beschloss posed that question last year, demonstrating that the time to strike is now. The wealth shift is happening - increasingly wealth is being created more rapidly outside the United States. There are many valuable global resources in the US to connect with that can help your … [Read more...]

Prospect Acquisition: Attract, Interact and Act


Marketing is not all that complicated. Attract prospects, interact with them in a way that fleshes out a potential relationship, and act one way or another. Of course on the way to simplicity, it's easy to get complicated. Companies get off track by not knowing their best targets and not getting in front of them effectively. Companies can … [Read more...]

Medical Doctor Exchange China-USA


Scottsdale Mayor Jim Lane welcomes a delegation of medical doctors from Hainan, China to an afternoon meeting on Tuesday, May 27th at SkySong in Scottsdale from 1:30-3pm. The meeting will feature a dialogue on medical technologies between the delegation from China and a small group of Arizona medical leaders - hoping to find opportunities to … [Read more...]

Is Marketing Inherently Evil?


We sometimes joke about how good marketing can 'trick' people to do things against their intended will. One of my favorite examples is the marketing of Jif peanut butter... 'Choosy Mother's Chose Jiff'... which of course means that if you don't choose Jif, you must be a bad mother/father. Conversely that mother or father who buys Jif must be a … [Read more...]

For Marketing, Take Action

A red button with the words "Take action" on it

It's good to plan marketing. Get ducks in a row by having a solid positioning and growth plan. We typically do that in 30 or 60 days. Time is required. But don't overdo it. Take action. There is no substitute. And that also means that once you've got the ball rolling, follow-up quickly. Move things forward without delay. Get it done. Keep … [Read more...]

Events Sponsored by Growth Nation


Growth Nation supports events that move the ball forward on marketing, globalization and sustainability. There are several events coming up that we're supporting. On April 1, 2014 join us for the Germany Arizona Solar Day in Scottsdale. There will be a day long discussion pertinent to the advancement of solar in Arizona and business … [Read more...]

Growth Starts with a Conversation


This week Growth Nation hosted a delegation of business and government leaders from Uasin Gishu, Kenya, new Sister City for Scottsdale, Arizona. You can see pictures from the meetings sponsored by Scottsdale Sister Cities by clicking here. Most of us started the meeting not knowing where things would end up. Scottsdale Mayor Jim Lane kicked off … [Read more...]

Your Constraint to Growth


Your constraint to growth may be some aspect of marketing, sales, or something else entirely. If for instance you own a restaurant with the most amazing marketing, but your food isn't very good, or your wait staff is not trained well, or the restaurant is dirty, you've got other problems. It's the same with any business - constraints show up … [Read more...]

Reminder: Start with Why


It's a useful reminder as we start the year to "Start with Why" in your marketing. Simon Sinek's popular book and TED talk focus on the "golden circle" that for the best companies and leaders starts with 'why' - why do we do things, why are we here, and why are we in business? Hint: it's not to make money. Fundamentally Simon's point is that … [Read more...]

My 3 Words for 2014


Since 2006 Chris Brogan has been issuing 3 words on January 1st intended to help focus him on the things he plans to get done that year. Rather than resolutions, they are intended to be a central focus for goals. You can read more from Chris Brogan here and in a complimentary blog post by Mitch Joel. Try it! You might find it to be a useful … [Read more...]

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