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Reminder: Start with Why

startwithwhyIt’s a useful reminder as we start the year to “Start with Why” in your marketing. Simon Sinek’s popular book and TED talk focus on the “golden circle” that for the best companies and leaders starts with ‘why’ – why do we do things, why are we here, and why are we in business? Hint: it’s not to make money.

Fundamentally Simon’s point is that people buy why you do it, not what (or how) you do it. And if you haven’t read the book or seen the TED talk for a while, start the year with a refresh: TED Talk

Starting with why is so relevant for your marketing because most companies get caught in the trap of explaining what they have, or how they do it, and then everything comes off as pretty blah, blah, blah. Uninteresting, uninspiring and not very good marketing. Without a why and left to choose between options that focus on products, services or features, prospects are less willing to care, reach out and buy because they’re looking for something deeper. Employees and partners are, too.

What part of the world are you changing? What’s YOUR why, and how do you communicate it? It’s an essential part of your personal and company branding and growth positioning, and if you’re struggling with it, give us a call.

“Why” is a key aspect of our Target First brand positioning that considers the value you create for clients and why they should care about your products and services, and your business. Learn more by clicking here.

And enjoy watching the video again!




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