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States Need to Grow Too


There's a battle going on between U.S. states for international trade, investment and tourism. In the Western U.S., four of the leading states are California, Texas, Utah and Arizona. California and Texas are the big ones who have been around and doing it right for years, and Utah and Arizona are the upstarts. The key to a successful growth … [Read more...]

Grow Globally with Tone, Tenor and Talent

Fisheye Scorn - You're in Deep Trouble

We often talk about the mindset of growing your business globally, including steps you can take to create the right framework for successful execution, such as this recent post about globalization click here. In this framework 'talent' means that you and your team are smart, flexible, innovative, customer-centric, all to a higher power, because … [Read more...]

Dream Big: Solar Impulse


Bertrand Piccard dreams big in life and business. He was the first to complete a non-stop balloon flight around the world. He comes from a line of dreamers: his father Jacques Piccard was an undersea explorer and his grandfather Auguste Piccard was a balloonist. He was the first person (with Brian Jones) to circle the world in a … [Read more...]

Growing Globally: We’ve Got to Do More


Arizona Technology Council "TechConnect", December 2011 Article by Doug Bruhnke, CEO of Growth Nation Years ago I stood on the statehouse lawn with the Governor, who proclaimed cooperation with business and joint initiatives to grow exports. The result was a concerted effort by government and industry to create an export ecosystem that ultimately … [Read more...]

Entrepreneurs are Entrepreneurs


The World Affairs Council of Arizona has been working with the U.S. Department of State and the International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLV) for over 20 years to host international visitors from around the world in Arizona. We have an important group coming in this week. Growth Nation is fortunate to once again participate in the U.S. … [Read more...]

Green and Global Growth Sept 26th Week


Are you looking for green, global or game-changing growth opportunities?  Join fellow global businesspeople across the Western US at events hosted or attended by our team at Growth Nation. For the week of September 26, 2011, we recommend the International State of the State at the Ritz-Carlton in Phoenix, Arizona. The event features Dr. Angel … [Read more...]

Two New Global Business Growth Seminars

global business

We're pleased to announce two new global business growth events by Growth Nation with community partners. As always we are focused on helping you grow your business locally, regionally and globally! Next month on March 7th 7:30am-9:00am it's a special AZIGG (Arizona International Growth Group) on the topic of cross cultural awareness in support … [Read more...]

Despite What You Read, Arizona Is a Great Place

Life in Arizona

It seems likes every day when I open the paper or watch TV there's something else that doesn't reflect what I know about living in Arizona. It reminds me of the times I'd travel to Korea in the 1980's and loved every trip, but all the outside world seemed to see was rioting students in one small area of Seoul.  That wasn't fair, and I don't think … [Read more...]

Giving Back: ICAN Helps Chandler Youth

ICAN Festival of Trees 2010

CEO Mario Martinez II of 360Vantage in Chandler, Arizona gives back to the local community while growing his company in the US and beyond.  He's a board member of ICAN, which provides free, comprehensive, out of school time programs that empower youth to be productive, self-confident, and responsible citizens. What an amazing organization and how … [Read more...]

Grow My Company, Grow My State

Clyde Prestowitz Arizona100

Yesterday two of us from Growth Nation were honored to participate in Global Arizona 100 to add our voice to the 300 or so other voices assembled at the Sheraton in Phoenix to discuss Arizona's future. The keynote speakers were Clyde Prestowitz (left), founder and president of the Economic Strategy Intitute and former counselor to Commerce … [Read more...]

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