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Grow Globally with Tone, Tenor and Talent

Fisheye Scorn - You're in Deep Trouble

We often talk about the mindset of growing your business globally, including steps you can take to create the right framework for successful execution, such as this recent post about globalization click here. In this framework 'talent' means that you and your team are smart, flexible, innovative, customer-centric, all to a higher power, because … [Read more...]

Marketing Magic Happens


Some days marketing magic happens. Those of us involved on this side of the hat are encouraged when customers are successful, and today was a good one. I couldn't let the day end without saying "YES!". The day started early (those of you who know me know just how early that can be!) because I couldn't sleep thinking about a customer meeting … [Read more...]

Election Marketing Lesson #3: Targeting


Each day this week we're talking about lessons from the recent U.S. election to use in business. It's a politics-free zone, only focused on what they did well (or not) in their campaign efforts. Today's topic is a down-the-middle marketing tip: know your target, and focus on communicating to them over and over with a message that resonates. It … [Read more...]

Global Missteps: Doing Piecemeal Marketing


An important issue we often run into working with companies as they look to grow is an attempt by some CEO's to piecemeal growth solutions together. It's just so hard to make that work - a website from vendor A, a brochure done inside, social media by vender B, publicity by vendor C, etc. It's hard enough to execute growth from a good strategy, but … [Read more...]

Maybe the Best Global Strategy Is Not Having One


A favorite CEO to work with over the years is Jerry Mills of B2BCFO. He has been generous in his thanks for our branding years ago that established a strong messaging and tagline for the firm: "Cash. We Help You Get It". The fun in that tagline is the focus on cash - which CEO's really care about - and the double meaning - that their professionals … [Read more...]

Growth Process to Grow in 2012


We've developed the "Target First" growth process at Growth Nation over the last decade and have used it successfully with over 100 businesses, with 100% success. Our goal is always to grow our clients more rapidly. We do that by first defining brand positioning, developing a growth strategy and plan, and then executing the plan to increase … [Read more...]

Market – Sell – Grow 201 Summary


Thank you to the group of entrepreneurs and business owners who came out to the Greater Phoenix SCORE and Growth Nation session on holistically approaching and capturing growth.  This week we discussed standing apart from the crowd with great brand positioning, strategic planning, tactical planning and growth execution.  It all comes together if … [Read more...]

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