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Warming Up the Introduction


This morning on my morning walk I saw a woman and a puppy coming toward me. The puppy spotted me and stopped. She tried to pull his leash, but to no avail. They were 100 feet from me, but he stood, wary, poised, and stopped. She ended up picking him up and carrying him around me. He didn't bark - he just looked at me calmly. It made me think of … [Read more...]

Reminder: Start with Why


It's a useful reminder as we start the year to "Start with Why" in your marketing. Simon Sinek's popular book and TED talk focus on the "golden circle" that for the best companies and leaders starts with 'why' - why do we do things, why are we here, and why are we in business? Hint: it's not to make money. Fundamentally Simon's point is that … [Read more...]

Walk in Their Shoes


This week I connected with two outstanding cross-cultural experts Melissa Lamson and Elizabeth Vennekens-Kelly. Melissa and I were scheduled to speak at a Scottsdale Chamber of Commerce event on growing a business globally, and Elizabeth and I caught up on global business and her new book Subtle Differences, Big Faux Pas. Both talented women … [Read more...]

Targeting Customers Means Saying No


Who loves 'ya baby? It's relatively easy to target your best business customers. It's a lot harder saying no to prospective customers who may not be in your sweet spot. Effective targeting means SAYING NO - and that's a hard thing for many in business to do, especially when it comes to turning away business. The first 'easy' step is to know … [Read more...]

51 Free Marketing Tips #41 through 51

We now come to the last of the 51 free marketing tips. Thanks again to Francine Hardaway, Ed Nusbaum and Phillip Blackerby for having Growth Nation support the Fast Trac program, which inspired this list. 41. Write and distribute a good press release. There's two important parts - writing and distributing. First on the writing side, please … [Read more...]

Growing in the Recession

Next Thursday July 23rd Growth Nation is supporting a presentation for businesses to market and grow. Join us for an evening of education, camaraderie and fun. Three great organizations North Scottsdale Chamber of Commerce, Scottsdale Rotary Club and Greater Phoenix SCORE are pairing up to bring you an evening of cutting edge information that … [Read more...]

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