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Tips on Globalizing to Grow


One of the easiest ways to increase the global capabilities of your organization is to bring on foreign-based interns. It's a lot easier than you may think! As a sponsor of Global Chamber, we're a strong supporter of there programs to help companies globalize and grow. One of their programs that helps companies in 120 countries to grow globally … [Read more...]

Events Sponsored by Growth Nation


Growth Nation supports events that move the ball forward on marketing, globalization and sustainability. There are several events coming up that we're supporting. On April 1, 2014 join us for the Germany Arizona Solar Day in Scottsdale. There will be a day long discussion pertinent to the advancement of solar in Arizona and business … [Read more...]

Growth Starts with a Conversation


This week Growth Nation hosted a delegation of business and government leaders from Uasin Gishu, Kenya, new Sister City for Scottsdale, Arizona. You can see pictures from the meetings sponsored by Scottsdale Sister Cities by clicking here. Most of us started the meeting not knowing where things would end up. Scottsdale Mayor Jim Lane kicked off … [Read more...]

Five Growth Tips for 2014


By reconfiguring your view of the world, opportunities become more apparent. All around us there are changes going on that are driving opportunities for your current and potential businesses. Spin away, rejigger reality, and stay open minded. And so our advice as we approach another new year is to keep your eyes, ears and mind open. Open to … [Read more...]

The Next Great Wave (of Growth)


For centuries business was characterized by 'Mom and Pop' stores and focus - solo entrepreneurs and micro-businesses. Then as economies matured there was a migration to large firms - the bigger the better. In the U.S. the industrial revolution brought steel, railroad, chemical and automotive industry giants. Those large companies evolved and … [Read more...]

12 Tips on Successful Globalization


Kiyoko Toyama spoke at Arizona International Growth Group last week, and she had a lot to say about successful globalization of a business. Hers is a multi-faceted global success story with several key moments - especially the U.S. program that had her stay with a family in Maine as an exchange student at age 17. At the end of that visit she and … [Read more...]

Globalization Opens Up Growth Opportunities

eye on global opportunities

Thinking globally opens you and your business up to new opportunities that you would never have considered before. Jane Snyder of Puzzle with Me, from a home base high in the Wasatch mountains of Utah, started to think globally about her specially-designed puzzle for Alzheimer's and dementia caregivers. She had developed the product in the last … [Read more...]

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