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Five Growth Tips for 2014


By reconfiguring your view of the world, opportunities become more apparent. All around us there are changes going on that are driving opportunities for your current and potential businesses. Spin away, rejigger reality, and stay open minded. And so our advice as we approach another new year is to keep your eyes, ears and mind open. Open to … [Read more...]

Evolve from Accidental to Intentional Exporter


This week Growth Nation participated in the Annual Global Business Conference put on by the Minority Business Development Agency, Department of Commerce, at Thunderbird School of Global Management. The Conference was dedicated to helping exporters ramp up their cross border success. Growth Nation was represented by founder/CEO Doug Bruhnke, who … [Read more...]

Grow Globally PHX October 7th

globe woman finger

Growth Nation is proud to once again sponsor "Grow Globally PHX" for the 5th year. Grow Globally PHX has been introducing Metro Phoenix business leaders to all the international resources in Arizona, all in one place, one time per year - for half a decade. Have you seen this year's tickle video featuring Doug Bruhnke of Growth Nation, Irena … [Read more...]

The Next Great Wave (of Growth)


For centuries business was characterized by 'Mom and Pop' stores and focus - solo entrepreneurs and micro-businesses. Then as economies matured there was a migration to large firms - the bigger the better. In the U.S. the industrial revolution brought steel, railroad, chemical and automotive industry giants. Those large companies evolved and … [Read more...]

Sustainability, Change and Opportunity


In wikipedia the definition of sustainability begins... "the capacity to endure". That reminds me of having to endure something in life like a bad back - 'I've endured that thing for 20 years'. Enduring is not exactly a positive image, is it? So I'd like to introduce the idea of enjoyment into sustainability. As someone who has been married for … [Read more...]

Open the Door to Global Opportunity


Herb Meyer - former Reagan administration adviser - gives a talk at Vistage and presumably elsewhere entitled "What in the World Is Going On?", which takes the listener on a journey into the past and future. Demographics, birth rates and their implications take center stage, and it's mind altering. At the end it makes one wonder what is going on … [Read more...]

Ten Traits of Great International Marketers


Those of us who love international marketing know that there's a BIG difference between 'marketing' and 'international marketing'. Each requires an understanding of marketing tools and how to use them effectively. Because of the complexity introduced by cultural differences, international marketers require a more skills and effort to be effective … [Read more...]

12 Tips on Successful Globalization


Kiyoko Toyama spoke at Arizona International Growth Group last week, and she had a lot to say about successful globalization of a business. Hers is a multi-faceted global success story with several key moments - especially the U.S. program that had her stay with a family in Maine as an exchange student at age 17. At the end of that visit she and … [Read more...]

Growth Audits Identify Constraints & Opportunities


Growth Audits by Growth Nation provide an opportunity to quickly get to the heart of constraints and opportunities - and allow you to adjust programs and people to capture more growth and accelerate success. There are several types of audits that our consultants can perform before working out a specific next step. They all allow you to get a … [Read more...]

10 Ways to Accelerate Global Growth


Diamonds are all around your feet - you just need to reach down and pick them up! So it often is with global growth. Often CEO's don't know what they don't know, and opportunities for growth are lost because the risks of growing globally are overstated or the opportunities are understated, or both. Recently we wrote a guest post on the Sean … [Read more...]

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