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Growing Globally: We’ve Got to Do More


Arizona Technology Council "TechConnect", December 2011 Article by Doug Bruhnke, CEO of Growth Nation Years ago I stood on the statehouse lawn with the Governor, who proclaimed cooperation with business and joint initiatives to grow exports. The result was a concerted effort by government and industry to create an export ecosystem that ultimately … [Read more...]

Choosing Business Growth Professionals

grow globally

In choosing business resources and tools to help grow your business, how should you sort through the myriad of options? There are dozens of things you could be doing, but which ones will work the best? And once you choose, how can you be assured that you'll implement successfully? Lots to think about here!  Let's start with how to choose … [Read more...]

Market – Sell – Grow 201 Summary


Thank you to the group of entrepreneurs and business owners who came out to the Greater Phoenix SCORE and Growth Nation session on holistically approaching and capturing growth.  This week we discussed standing apart from the crowd with great brand positioning, strategic planning, tactical planning and growth execution.  It all comes together if … [Read more...]

To Grow Globally, It Takes a Little Extra

Business Meeting

When a friend, customer or business acquaintance in the US gets an e-mail from me at 5am, they may remark about how early I get up.  What they don't know is that I'll typically rise and shine at 2am and have 3 hours of international business done before then!  That's important time for me because I'm not distracted by local or US calls, and I can … [Read more...]

To Grow, Be Optimistic


Too often we run into business folks that see the glass half empty too much of the time. These folks also tend to fight over pie slices rather than grow the pie.  We all have our down days, don't we?  Our job at Growth Nation includes getting them to see the light, and we always do, at least for a while! Optimism is important as we discussed … [Read more...]

Phoenix Business Grows Globally


This week Phoenix has a variety of international business events that gives one hope that more and more companies here are thinking globally. That's important for the long-term viability and sustainability of the economy in Phoenix and across Arizona. At Growth Nation we help US companies grow internationally and non-US companies grow into the … [Read more...]

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