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Be Mobile, Global and Unstoppable™

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Growing your business today is as easy and exciting as ever. The opportunities are endless thanks to a wellspring of technology developments that provide the platform to go mobile and global. Anyone anywhere can be your customer. You just need to choose who, where and how! The convergence of mobile, cloud, social and data is reshaping … [Read more...]

2012 Business Growth Conference & Expo

PHX Biz Growth Expo 2012

Growth Nation is pleased to once again participate in the Business Growth Conference & Expo put on by the Phoenix Business Journal. Every year the Business Growth Expo is a top business event in Phoenix, and this year it's combined with YOB Fair - and so we're expecting an extra special benefit for attendees. The 2012 Business Growth … [Read more...]

Growth Nuggets from the Inc. 500


Thank you to Arizona's Inc. 500 companies for sharing their secrets of success and "growth nuggets" at Growth Nation on Thursday, October 18th. That was educational and fun! The companies and participants are listed below. Thanks also to fellow moderators Glenn Hamer of Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Hank Marshall of Arizona Commerce … [Read more...]

Connecting Mission to Day-to-Day Execution


Animals living in the desert southwestern U.S. provide a wonderful model for business owners and CEO's as they connect business mission to day-to-day execution for their business. Having lived here now for 10 years in the far north Valley, animals like coyotes, javelina, bobcats, road runners and desert quail are prevalent. Coyotes are … [Read more...]

Add Ability, Agility and Balance to Grow

Lee Benson

"That's the best business management system I've ever seen" - Jack Welch. Those are strong words from a business legend. That's how Jack Welch described what he saw from Lee Benson when they met for over 8 hours to discuss the systems that he's put into place at Able Engineering, 2011 International Company of the Year in Arizona. Those of us … [Read more...]

Selecting and Executing Marketing Priorities


It's easy to make a list of all the marketing initiatives that you could be doing. It's a LONG list - from the web, to social media, publicity, advertising, referral programs, events, new market entry, new products and services, et al. That's not hard - but selecting which of them to do, designing precisely what to do with each initiative and then … [Read more...]

Growing Globally: We’ve Got to Do More


Arizona Technology Council "TechConnect", December 2011 Article by Doug Bruhnke, CEO of Growth Nation Years ago I stood on the statehouse lawn with the Governor, who proclaimed cooperation with business and joint initiatives to grow exports. The result was a concerted effort by government and industry to create an export ecosystem that ultimately … [Read more...]

National Export Initiative 2012

Export Ship

In 2010 President Obama announced the National Export Initiative to double exports from the U.S. within 5 years. Exports mean dollars, and dollars mean jobs. It will be up to business owners to get the job done, and we are lucky to have many here in the Western U.S. who are blazing the trail to grow exports and encourage investment. Regional … [Read more...]

Grow Responsibly and Sustainably


Is it possible to grow your business and at the same time be sustainable? It might seem to be conflicting because the more you grow, the more resources you usem and therefore one could argue that you become less supportive of sustaining life on our planet. Honestly there was a time I believed that - a product of "Limits to Growth" and other … [Read more...]

Ten Tips to Grow Exports

grow exports us

Before the large freighter loaded down with goods from your company departs the U.S. dock, there are a few things to consider in your quest to grow exports. Above all else remember that experienced and expert resources are available to assist with your journey. That's critical because even the most experienced exporter runs into a surprise now and … [Read more...]

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