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It Takes a Village to Grow Locally, Globally


The biggest challenges I've found by companies looking to grow is that they 1) fail to create a solid, prioritized plan and even more 2) struggle with execution. Marketing often gets the short straw - because you have to pay taxes, sell and do the day to day things to keep the company company. Marketing seems optional. It's not. In fact it's … [Read more...]

Inc 500 Lunch October 18th at Growth Nation


Nine Arizona Inc. 500 Companies to Speak at SkySong Luncheon October 18th Local Entrepreneurs Share Insights on their Explosive Sales Growth during Recession Scottsdale Event Scottsdale, Arizona. The nine (9) Arizona-based Inc. 500 companies will speak to the business community at an educational luncheon event on Thursday, October 18th … [Read more...]

An Integrated Growth Plan Is a Key


Integrating your growth plan is a key aspect of success. Don't just jump into a PPC campaign, new country launch or product line extension without first having a prioritized strategy and an integrated plan that considers how all the pieces and people fit together. Too many times it seems easier to just execute something, when in reality spending … [Read more...]

Global Missteps: Doing Piecemeal Marketing


An important issue we often run into working with companies as they look to grow is an attempt by some CEO's to piecemeal growth solutions together. It's just so hard to make that work - a website from vendor A, a brochure done inside, social media by vender B, publicity by vendor C, etc. It's hard enough to execute growth from a good strategy, but … [Read more...]

Growth Process to Grow in 2012


We've developed the "Target First" growth process at Growth Nation over the last decade and have used it successfully with over 100 businesses, with 100% success. Our goal is always to grow our clients more rapidly. We do that by first defining brand positioning, developing a growth strategy and plan, and then executing the plan to increase … [Read more...]

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