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It Takes a Village to Grow Locally, Globally


The biggest challenges I've found by companies looking to grow is that they 1) fail to create a solid, prioritized plan and even more 2) struggle with execution. Marketing often gets the short straw - because you have to pay taxes, sell and do the day to day things to keep the company company. Marketing seems optional. It's not. In fact it's … [Read more...]

Holistic Marketing Made Easy, Sort Of


"Holistic Marketing" is a mini-buzzword right now. 'Holistic' in this case is not about yoga, spas and kumbayah, but about a comprehensive approach. In the case of Growth Nation, holistic marketing has been and continues to be a comprehensive approach to growth - that includes marketing, sales, customer service, finance and all business functions … [Read more...]

An Integrated Growth Plan Is a Key


Integrating your growth plan is a key aspect of success. Don't just jump into a PPC campaign, new country launch or product line extension without first having a prioritized strategy and an integrated plan that considers how all the pieces and people fit together. Too many times it seems easier to just execute something, when in reality spending … [Read more...]

Selecting and Executing Marketing Priorities


It's easy to make a list of all the marketing initiatives that you could be doing. It's a LONG list - from the web, to social media, publicity, advertising, referral programs, events, new market entry, new products and services, et al. That's not hard - but selecting which of them to do, designing precisely what to do with each initiative and then … [Read more...]

Growing Globally: We’ve Got to Do More


Arizona Technology Council "TechConnect", December 2011 Article by Doug Bruhnke, CEO of Growth Nation Years ago I stood on the statehouse lawn with the Governor, who proclaimed cooperation with business and joint initiatives to grow exports. The result was a concerted effort by government and industry to create an export ecosystem that ultimately … [Read more...]

Keep Calm, Unclench and Grow

Keep Calm

Keeping calm is one of those qualities that the best serial entrepreneurs that we work with are able to do. They don't panic when the going gets tough, and they don't get over-confident when things are going well. Despite that many of them can have a tendency to get too involved in the day-to-day operations of their firm. As someone who … [Read more...]

Market – Sell – Grow 201 Summary


Thank you to the group of entrepreneurs and business owners who came out to the Greater Phoenix SCORE and Growth Nation session on holistically approaching and capturing growth.  This week we discussed standing apart from the crowd with great brand positioning, strategic planning, tactical planning and growth execution.  It all comes together if … [Read more...]

Global Growth and Sustainability


Growth Nation helps companies create growth that respects human and natural resources. We support the growth of clients in nearly every segment including the more traditional green industries like cleantech, solar, wind energy, algae and biomass.  We help companies in any industry grow globally and responsibly. We love companies that want to … [Read more...]

Phoenix Business Grows Globally


This week Phoenix has a variety of international business events that gives one hope that more and more companies here are thinking globally. That's important for the long-term viability and sustainability of the economy in Phoenix and across Arizona. At Growth Nation we help US companies grow internationally and non-US companies grow into the … [Read more...]

Find the Cash 10/14, then Market to Grow 10/15

funding your business

We're offering business owners in the Phoenix area two great programs to help fund growth and then use marketing to take growth into overdrive. On October 14th 7:30 - 9:45am we're hosting "Finding the Cash to Grow" featuring 20 funding, financial and financing experts to provide all the info and connections you'll need on all the options. Then … [Read more...]

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