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DEMO Fall 2013 October 15-17


Disruptive technology is working overtime to make your life faster. Easier. Better. It’s helping you to achieve more. Do more. Enjoy more. Truly disruptive technology is thriving at DEMO. And it’s waiting for investors and business leaders like you to bring it to life. Growth Nation is pleased to once again be a media partner and supporter of … [Read more...]

Marketing Magic Happens


Some days marketing magic happens. Those of us involved on this side of the hat are encouraged when customers are successful, and today was a good one. I couldn't let the day end without saying "YES!". The day started early (those of you who know me know just how early that can be!) because I couldn't sleep thinking about a customer meeting … [Read more...]

Using an Enemy in Your Marketing


Using an enemy in your marketing can be an effective strategy. The 'small car' versus the 'big car' (read: dumb) concept has been going on for decades. the most successful ad of all time according to surveys was the Volkswagen Beetle in the 1960's, railing against what everyone else was doing - "big". That theme has been stolen over and over again … [Read more...]

Learning from New Product Failures: Arylon

Learning from New Product Failures: DuPont Arylon

A flawed product development process can create some pretty big new product disasters, and one of those disasters was a product called Arylon by DuPont. It came to market under that name as something completely different, but unfortunately for the original product development team, there was a much grander vision that was never realized. The … [Read more...]

Launching New Products and Services

We just presented "Bringing New Products or Services to Market" to a group of entrepreneurs at Arizona Angels here in Scottsdale. We discussed the top 17 launch mistakes, gave a summary of how to brand, plan and implement products/services, and provided the top 10 to-do's. Define your #1 target, and embrace them. Have few or no delusions - … [Read more...]

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