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Dream Big: Solar Impulse


Bertrand Piccard dreams big in life and business. He was the first to complete a non-stop balloon flight around the world. He comes from a line of dreamers: his father Jacques Piccard was an undersea explorer and his grandfather Auguste Piccard was a balloonist. He was the first person (with Brian Jones) to circle the world in a … [Read more...]

Despite What You Read, Arizona Is a Great Place

Life in Arizona

It seems likes every day when I open the paper or watch TV there's something else that doesn't reflect what I know about living in Arizona. It reminds me of the times I'd travel to Korea in the 1980's and loved every trip, but all the outside world seemed to see was rioting students in one small area of Seoul.  That wasn't fair, and I don't think … [Read more...]

Investing in Arizona: Invest Southwest Dec 8-10

Doug Bruhnke Video

The Invest Southwest Capital Conference, title sponsor The Miller Group, will be this week on Thursday, December 9th at the Four Seasons Resort in Scottsdale. There is a welcome reception on the evening of the 8th, and a golf event on the 10th.  This is an important 2010 event for the business community in Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, Utah, East … [Read more...]

To Grow, Be Optimistic


Too often we run into business folks that see the glass half empty too much of the time. These folks also tend to fight over pie slices rather than grow the pie.  We all have our down days, don't we?  Our job at Growth Nation includes getting them to see the light, and we always do, at least for a while! Optimism is important as we discussed … [Read more...]

Global Growth Starts with a Discussion

Conversation Uniting Earth

On Friday we were honored to participate in a special event at SkySong hosted by the World Affairs Council of Arizona and ASU SkySong as part of a program by the US State Department to bring business leaders from around the world to the United States. What a joy it was to interact with this group of young business people who asked plenty of … [Read more...]

Learning from New Product Failures: Arylon

Learning from New Product Failures: DuPont Arylon

A flawed product development process can create some pretty big new product disasters, and one of those disasters was a product called Arylon by DuPont. It came to market under that name as something completely different, but unfortunately for the original product development team, there was a much grander vision that was never realized. The … [Read more...]

Getting Social (Media) to Grow

Getting Social (Media) to Grow

This week I participated with other social media experts in Social Media 2010. The event was held in Mesa, Arizona by Greater Phoenix SCORE and the Arizona Department of Education, sponsored by Constant Contact. The keynote speaker was the amazing Lon Safko, author of The Social Media Bible. During the last day of the program, we presented a … [Read more...]

51 Free Marketing Tips for Small Business: #1 through 10

Francine Hardaway and Ed Nusbaum of Stealthmore Partners recently asked if I wouldn't mind stopping by a Fast Trac group to discuss bootstrapped marketing. I figured that this might mean 'free', and so I put together a list of 51 free marketing tips for small business that everyone seemed to have fun with, especially since the list was free, … [Read more...]

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