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Justine Sacco on Twitter


Has Justine Landed Yet? #HasJustineLandedYet That was the sensational question last night as Justine Sacco, a PR executive with IAC in New York City, flew between London and Cape Town, South Africa. During her London layover she had tweeted "Going to Africa. Hope I don’t get AIDS. Just kidding. I’m white!". What ensued was a frenzy on … [Read more...]

51 Free Marketing Tips #21 through 30

Are you ready for more free marketing tips from Growth Nation? Thanks again to Francine Hardaway, Ed Nusbaum and Phillip Blackerby for inviting me to share these with the current Tempe Fast Trac group of entrepreneurs last month. There are 51 free marketing tips, and here's 10 more. 21. Get some content out there. Francine Hardaway is the queen … [Read more...]

51 Free Marketing Tips: #11 through 20

Thank you for your interest in the 51 free marketing tips. These were inspired by Francine Hardaway and Ed Nusbaum of Stealthmore Partners and Fast Trac. Here are the second 10 (of 51) free marketing tips for small business. These next 10 are sprinkled with foundational items that every business should do but most don't. 11. Practice the 6 P's. … [Read more...]

Get Your Small Business Noticed in the Press

We serve our clients with a comprehensive package of marketing services including publicity. Here are some general tips for start-ups and small businesses on gaining publicity. Know and be your brand – Develop and be able to articulate your target market(s), your offering, how you’re different and your key message. Keep it personal – Frame … [Read more...]

Is Your Business Ready for Social Media?

This week in preparing for The John Adam Show I was taken aback by a social media expert who actually recommended AGAINST using a social media campaign at one of our clients. WOW - that was refreshing! Usually if you've got a hammer, every problem looks like a nail! At Growth Nation we don't have all our marketing … [Read more...]

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