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The Interview Is a Classic Publicity Stunt

theinterviewThank you Kim Jung-un for making such a fuss about the movie “The Interview”. We would probably never have even heard of it, noticed it or seen it… but you decided to make a fuss about it. Dude, so uncool!

So now the movie review: way better than expected! Yes sophomoric, but lovable characters, some plots twists, a good mix of action and a few funny points. Seth Rogen and James Franco demonstrate again that they’re a great team. Thumbs up!

The real story of course is Kim Jung-un attacking Sony and totally misunderstanding how Americans think and would react. When you attack America, Americans come out. You wake us up! Attack a building or a harbor, or try to take away a freedom – even if it’s a B+ movie – and we get mobilized.

Didn’t Sony have to understand that when they pulled the movie?

The reaction by Americans and frankly many around the world will be to see the movie just because some dictator wants us not to see it. Sony is smart. The initial decision to pull was probably a calculation that if someone got hurt in a theater showing the movie, they would have liability. But they had to know that people would clamor to see it.

If so, this is a classic publicity stunt! Either way, it’s a classic publicity stunt!

Congratulations Sony for a moderately entertaining movie with lots to talk about for years to come.

Now if we can only get the movie in the hands of the people of North Korea. In our lifetime? Maybe… let’s see.

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