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Who You Know AND How Well You Know Them

Rick and Ilsa knew each other well – and they would always have Paris!

Throughout Casablanca, they were not quite on the same page, but by the end of the movie Rick figured it all out. He knew Ilsa, and he knew her well – and made the right decision for both of them.

That’s important in business, too, and it’s part of the value proposition of Growth Nation. That’s because often we bring in other professionals into our solution that we know and trust. There’s a step there that’s important. Because we can’t accept bringing someone in who can’t do the job.

Over the years out of hundreds of examples we can count on one hand the times we’ve had to remove an outside vendor at a customer. We take our recommendations VERY seriously. Due diligence is something we do diligently.

I was reminded of this issue by a call I received this week from a U.S. government agency in Washington, D.C. regarding an international visitor who met another company service provider at an event I had hosted two years ago. The foreign national at that time had decided to move ahead on a business relationship with that other company. Growth Nation was not involved at all – this was a related but not affiliated event.

And yet the caller from Washington DC was seeking help for this international person who had spent money for professional services but had not yet received adequate return for their investment. Now they were asking for help. Because I had organized the event and no one else was available to help, I stepped in and did some due diligence on the people involved.

One professional was someone I know but don’t know well – but have had a positive feeling about their value. That person had introduced their international client to two others who were working on the foreign national’s behalf. Unfortunately it was the services of these other two people where the breakdown was occurring.

I did some online due diligence of all 3 people involved and found the person I know to be clean, but the other two to have a pretty long negative online record on sites like Ripoff Report. That of course in and of itself doesn’t mean that they’re dirty, but it’s not the best sign especially when the information online mirrored the problems being demonstrated in this case.

I left voicemails with the two potentially problematic people but they have not responded. I called the person I know and got the sense that he trusted the other two people even though they had not not worked together in the past.

So what to do?

I went back to the government agency and reported what I heard and felt. My gut said ‘questionable’ – at least for the two characters that didn’t reply to my voicemails and that have a poor online reputation. The third person expressed optimism that the three of them could still help the foreign national.

As of today that fellow decided to trust them to do just that, and that’s where we are now.

I thought this was a good example of what we do every day to check out vendors and partners – and to build a library of success so that we’re confident the next time that our clients will benefit.

Let’s see what happens in this case! If I find out about what I hope will be a happy ending, I’ll let you know. If we were directly involved in the case we’d take a very active role to make sure that it all worked out.

The moral of the story?

When you work with Growth Nation you know that anyone we bring to the table will deliver value – no worries.

When you attend one of our events – be careful – we can’t keep people from attending that we don’t know well, and we don’t know who they know. If you have questions, please let me know.

Finally we recommend that you know plenty of people, and know them WELL!

If we don’t know each other yet, let’s talk! Here’s looking at you, kid!

About Doug Bruhnke

Growth Nation is a global full-service marketing and business growth firm that creates more leads, stronger brands and higher revenue for clients in technology, manufacturing, healthcare and professional services. Our growth process has created over $1 billion of new revenue.

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