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Marketing Professionals

There have been three primary moments of inspiration to accelerate the growth of Growth Nation in support of the marketing professional community.

First – as an executive with DuPont for 2 decades, founder Doug Bruhnke was continually approached by marketing professionals who ‘sold’ their particular marketing expertise rather than take a more holistic approach to marketing. That indicated the market need for a company like Growth Nation to help companies grow with coordinated sales, marketing and biz dev.

Second – while being interviewed on the The John Adam Show in 2007, Doug concluded that he wanted to help more than one company at a time to grow. That realization was the beginning of the Growth Nation concept to help marketing professionals learn how to better execute their particular skills across different companies – as growth partners.

Third – while observing marketing students struggle with execution of growth projects, Doug thought that there must be a better way to make use of their skills AND help companies grow. Today Growth Nation utilizes talented young marketing professionals to execute using tested techniques that bring modern technology to growth - as growth consultants.

We’re actively seeking smart, collaborative and positive-thinking marketing project managers as growth consultants or growth partners. If you live in the Western US and are looking for a challenge to help multiple companies grow, please contact us after you review our consulting description for growth partners. If you’re a marketing student looking for better techniques and experiences to execute what you’re learning, click here.

Testimonial: “Doug Bruhnke (CEO of Growth Nation) is one of the most intelligent and personable professionals I have had the pleasure of working with. He is an innovator, entrepreneur, problem solver, and team builder. I have seen him develop extraordinary teams of experts to provide solutions for client problems. Please feel free to contact me anytime for my personal recommendation.”

Lon Safko – President/CEO of Paper Models and Innovative Thinking; Author of The Social Media Bible

Testimonial: “Doug Bruhnke seems destined, through his own hard work and insights, to become an ever-larger marketing force. A great example is his work to develop AZIGG, an organizational instrument that is sure to play a pivotal role in Arizona’s emergence on the international business scene.”

Alan Starr – President of Arizona Small Business Association, and CEO of Marketing Partners

Testimonial: “Doug has opened doors for me that would have probably taken years to reach on my own. He is an incredible “bridge builder” and my business is growing rapidly because of him. Doug is a man of great integrity. He is not the typical marketing “type” that promotes for the sake of promoting…he advances causes in which he deeply believes! I most strongly recommend Doug to anyone interested in working with a true professional to grow their business.”

John Adam Kowalski – Radio Talk Show Host, President of Arizona SCORE and CEO of Pivot Productions

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